At Harvest, we are passionate about God, who has revealed Himself in the Bible, which we believe has the answers to life’s most important questions.  You’ll discover that God’s Word governs everything we do and has its rightful place in every ministry, starting with the pulpit.  We open the Bible, read, explain, apply, and repeat.  God said it – that settles it!

We have come to experience and continue to pursue the life-transforming change that comes when we live upon the power that is so far beyond our own.  In our personal lives, in our marriages and with our kids, at our jobs, or wherever we are, we strive to depend on God at the level where the only explanation for our lives is the supernatural grace of a loving and intervening God.

We are clearly convinced about how others can have a saving relationship with God through Jesus Christ – Jesus who died in our place to absorb God’s wrath for sinners like us, who rose from the dead to conquer sin and death, who ever lives to offer His forgiveness and righteousness to those who turn from their sin and trust Him by faith, who’s coming again in glory to rule and reign over all, forever – He’s the One we proclaim.

When we gather together for worship, it’s so that we can unleash our affection on the One who made us and saved us – Jesus Christ, because of what He has come to mean to us in the Gospel.  He is everything to us, which is why our worship isn’t the warm-up for the sermon; it’s the warm-up for heaven.

You are loved.