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Our worship ministry plans out and provides worship for our weekend service which are held Sunday mornings at 10:00 AM. Our weekend service requires many volunteers who give sacrificially of their time and serve with a desire to worship the Lord and bless His people. Our role as a ministry is to communicate the message of God’s truth without distraction. Whether the work is done on the platform or behind the scenes, our desire is to give glory to God with the various gifts that He has given us.

High Impact Worship

Worshiping in Spirit

At Harvest, corporate worship is highly prioritized and participatory. We invite our people to worship with passion and energy. We don’t want to be lazy or lethargic when it comes to our expression of love for God. Instead, out of the overflow of what Christ means to us, we want to express our gratitude to Him as Savior, Redeemer, and Lord. We want our affections for Father and Son to unleash by the quickening of the Holy Spirit.  We want it to be said of us that when we worship, we are more passionate about God than anything else in our lives. Nothing gets us more fired up that gathering together in praise to the one, true, living God.

Worshiping in Truth

The Bible is the ultimate authority when it comes to worship. At Harvest, therefore, we strive to worship in truth — the reality of who God is as revealed in Scripture. We pay strict attention to theological content, ensuring that every lyric that is sung, every word that is spoken, and every expression of praise is biblically sound and supported. We look to God’s Word to discern how He desires to be worshiped rather that follow the wisdom of man or the latest cultural fad.